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Chefs United is a brand from Symrise AG. It is the largest network of its kind bringing together chefs from every continent and across the entire culinary spectrum – from five-star to street kitchen restaurants. This unique and global network combines more than 26,000 chefs in every area of the world and it is headed by the award-winning and Michelin starred Chef Gianfranco Chiarini.


Thanks to Chef Gianfranco and his network, we are getting from you, the Chefs, unique and authentic insights into local cuisine on all continents. It is your knowledge of local cooking practices in particular that makes this network so extraordinary.


Because of your passion and the considerable contribution to us, we welcome you to the official web site – made especially for you. We are delighted to take you with us on a culinary journey around the world sharing with you along the way access to culinary professionals, projects and successes like the ones we have participated in together.


We look forward to working together on more of these exciting projects and invite you to Be A Part Of It.



Middle East edition - inspired by Chefs United

You are in a marketplace surrounded by vibrant colors, aromatic spices and makeshift tables adorned with fresh ingredients. The streets are buzzing as merchants flaunt their treasures of turmeric, saffron and cardamom while Food vendors call out to you. This street theatre that played out in your mind was created through the bouquet of scents that wafted through the Culinary building from the Middle Eastern cooking session recently held at Symrise... more» 

Wok Hei - Authentic Taste of Asia

The Woks most distinguishable feature may be its shape, but the secret to its continually growing fan base throughout the world, lies within the very distinctive taste that it gives to its dishes. This is known as Wok Hei. Symrise through Chefs United discovers more about this Ancient Asian culinary art form, and unveils the key to its taste success... more» 

A Taste of South Africa

Tapping into the local talent through our Chefs United network we had an exclusive look at four South African Chef's take on their favorite recipes, trade secrets and personal food experiences. With their fingers firmly on the vibrant pulse of current local and international trends and flavor influences, they are able to create seasonably relevant dishes, with specific attention to the finer details in the presentation of these dishes... more»

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