Some of our projects

We are delighted to share with you some of our projects and successes in which you have played an important role with your input. We will give you feedback about the process, usage and benefit of each project. Due to our exclusivity and confidentiality agreement with our customers, we won´t be able to present all of it, but you can be sure that we know you were part of the project and we appreciate it!


Food Tribes and the exploration of tasty Meatless alternatives

As Eric Pierce - the Director of Strategy and Insights from New Hope Natural Media states, Vegetarianism and Veganism is more than a trend, it is about belonging to a “Food Tribe”. Describing these tribes as; “engaged, passionate, self-aware consumers who are confident enough to challenge convention in pursuit of better options for themselves, the environment, animals and society.”


In-order for us to delve into the world of these conscious consumers and meatless alternatives we asked a few Chefs from our Chefs United Network what their experience was in creating meatless dishes for their customers.


Chef. Dan Edwards from the UK highlighted the importance of meeting all the needs of the consumer; “we concentrate not only on re-creating the “meat like” taste, but also on providing the correct nutritional value, especially the protein”, while Chef. Ulrich Geschke´s focus is rooted in “natural and seasonal ingredients”.


Drawing on his cultural background and experience in the industry Chef. Rakesh Chandaliya - born in India but raised in the UK - ensures that he uses a multitude of ingredients to create flavorful sauces for his dishes. While Chef. Ben Le Maguet from France said; “there is no one singular magic ingredient in vegetarian cooking it is rather a multitude of ingredients which when correctly assembled gives a deserving results”.


We then distilled all the ingredients, insights and recipes such as this delicious one by Chef. Laurent Schneider  from France - Tart fine with garlic Confit topped with tapenade and a Tian of grilled vegetables perfumed with its Sariette emulsion. From this we can see that consumers are looking for meatless alternatives that are full of flavor and texture. They want food that has grilled, roasted, smoked and fried notes that deliver on taste ensuring that the food they eat is not bland and boring.


It was Chef. Samer Quasim from Germany, who said that one of his most popular dishes was the Vegan Falafel-humus-vegetable wrap, showing us that this easy, simple meal that offers all the taste and comfort of traditional “fast food” also has the added bonus of being healthier, better for the environment, animals and society! For Symrise this means we can create exciting, impactful flavor solutions that meet these engaged consumers concerns. After all, as Chef. Ben Le Maguet pointed out, “our only limitation is our imagination”.


Special thanks goes out to all the Chefs for taking us on their culinary journeys and for their incredible recipes and insights.


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The joy of authentic food: Middle East edition - inspired by Chefs United


On 7th of March Symrise run a culinary Middle Eastern cooking session in Holzminden supported by Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini and Chef. Gamal Ibrahim from the Chefs United network. Together with Symrise Chefs the team prepared eight specifically selected culinary dishes, like namely;  Kebab, Kofta, Shishtaok, Sharwama, Al Machboos, Kosreh Fesanjan, Byriani Rice, Kabsa.


The basis for these selected came from a request to Chefs United to investigate popular dishes in the following target markets: U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt.


- The aim of the cooking session was to understand and experience these local taste profiles and gain valuable cooking insights from the Chefs themselves in achieving the specific taste profiles for each dish.

- The purpose of the session was to emphasize the use of traditional spices and ingredients - cooking the dishes from scratch based on the regionally authentic recipes gained through Chefs United.

- The session engaged all the senses, from the aromas of the spices, the bright colors of the fresh ingredients to all these elements coming together in an authentic taste experience.


All the dishes that were prepared by the Chefs on the day were carefully evaluated under the sensory leadership and support of Symrises' external expert panel, flavorists and portfolio management. These evaluations as well as the newly discovered insights gained from the cooking session itself, helped us create our new Middle Eastern Portfolio. This new portfolio will support Symrise in to becoming a the partner of choice with winning flavor solutions for the following food segments; soups, sauces, culinary seasonings, ready meals and processed meat within this Middle Eastern market.


A heartfelt thank you goes out to Chef. Gamal Ibrahim, Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini,  Anna Chiarini and the Symrise team who made the day a reality. Your contribution and enthusiasm turned the cooking event into a successfully culinary experience.


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Wok Hei- Authentic Taste of Asia

While consumers all over Europe have been enjoying Asian food for many years and its popularity is continually growing, we were eager to learn about what made this style of cooking so popular. Through our initial research we realized that consumers were interested in all aspects of these culinary specialties from the fresh ingredients and authentic recipes right through to the flavors achieved and unique eating habits. And so began our investigation to find out more.


What makes real Asian wok dishes so unique and popular? 

Wok cooking in Asia is engrained in its cultural identity. Traditionally it is believed that the wok stores the memories of the meals previously cooked within it and breaths these memories back into each new meal it is used for.

This distinct taste of WOK HEI is fondly referred to as; "the breath of the wok" and it is this "breath", this specific taste profile, that makes Asian wok dishes so unique and popular.


In order for us to better understand this form of cooking Symrise asked Chefs from our Chefs United network to assist us in gaining these local insights.

We approached Chefs from Vietnam, China and Thailand - each Chef shared their Wok Hei experiences and know-how of this culinary culture with us and this is what we discovered:

- Cooking in a Wok provides a complex and unique culinary taste - this is gained through the seasoning of the wok itself, the fresh ingredients, the oil used and the high heat cooked on.

- The complex smoky flavour itself is achieved by cooking with the fresh ingredients over high heat allowing the flavors to develop and to build their crispy, crunchy notes and textures.


We then took these culinary insights and translated them into authentic flavor solutions to be used for key applications such as instant noodles, wok dishes, jelly fixes, fried rice and fried noodles delivering the Wok Hei authentic culinary notes - smoky, crunchy and crispy. With this newly gained culinary expertise we were able to incorporate new flavor solutions into the market and develop consumer relevant product concepts.


The following chefs inspired us with their input:

China: Chef. Guo Qiang Lin, Chef. Hao Hsiang Lu, Chef. Chien-Pan Chen

Vietnam: Chef. Huy Hoang Pham, Chef. Thanh Quang Tran, Chef. Ha Thi Ngoc Hoan

Thailand: Chef. Ongart Yordthong, Chef. Komkai Sathornsuntikun, Chef. Tanoo Chompoosri


A big thank you to all the chefs who participated! We truly appreciate you're in depth insights, fantastic contribution and enthusiasm towards this project.


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A Taste of South Africa

South Africa is known as a cultural melting pot best represented through their Cuisine. It is a fusion of traditional and modern tastes showcasing the diverse South African palette. Their holistic approach to foodfocuses on all aspects of creating the dish, from preparation, to taste delivery, to the deliberate use of seasonably relevant and fresh ingredients.

Through the Chefs of Chefs United we not only gained valuable insights into South African cuisine but wewere also exposed to a vast world of tastes and flavor nuances. We took this inspiration along with our newly found understanding of the local taste preferences and cultural influences and were able to develop local taste solutions for instant meal applications. Our customers were amazed by the results and the authentic tastes we were able to replicate.


A big thank you to the Chefs who participated in this taste discovery:

Chef. Bruce Glaister

Chef. Janine van Zyl

Chef. Grant Marais

Chef. Joseph Hlakanyane


We truly appreciate the your enthusiasm towards the project and loved your recipes. We are looking forwardto collaborating with you again in the future.


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Young People´s Soup

Soup is a pleasant food for lunch or dinner. It is comforting, satisfying, and filling. People visit certain restaurants especially because they enjoy soups. Young people want to try new and unique soups. The ability of soup restaurants to menu a wide appeal variety of selections is the new trend. A way to attract more people looking for bolder flavors and more variety is offering more ethnic dishes and reinterpreting the classic soups in a modern way without losing the homemade taste.


This time, we were interested in gaining some culinary insights about soups, focused on the young generation, who often eat out at restaurants and always search to try out something new. We asked our expert Chefs from Chefs United in France, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Our goal was to understand what motivates young people to eat soups, what are their expectations and the way that the Chefs at their restaurants meet these expectations. Finally, we found out what would be the perfect chicken soup for younger people!


The following chefs inspired us with their valuable input:

France: Chef. Miraux Sebastien Chef. Jean Jacques Granet Chef. Gilles Chevalier

Germany: Chef. Rafael Nietzsche Chef. Stefan Schulenburg Chef. Björn Töpfer Chef. Sebastian Kirchner

Netherlands: Chef. Daan Scheffers van Soelen Chef. Thijs Daniel Noppen Chef. Abel Van Elst Chef. Gerard Kerstens

UK: Chef. Neil Brooks Chef. Darron Bradley Chef. Rupert Woodhouse Chef. Eric Hughes Phillips Chef. Stanislaus Osuch


Thanks a lot to the participating chefs! We appreciate very much the great recipes and your enthusiasm on this project! We look forward to collaborating with again you in the future.

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Classic Brown Sauces

Brown sauces are one of the most common and popular sauces of the classical cuisine. The secret in making a classical brown sauce more culinary depends on having the right basis and technique and the use of fresh ingredients play a pivotal role in delivering a robust and authentic taste.

In order to support a proactive customer project and gain some culinary insights about classic brown sauces, we asked our expert Chefs from Chefs United in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Chefs from upper restaurants and Chefs working in canteens. Our goal: to understand the needs and expectations of the Chefs and revive and reinterpret the classical brown basic sauces.


Main outcome: 

1. Both Chefs from upper restaurants and Chefs working in canteens prefer to use fresh ingredients for an authentic, natural, culinary taste.

2. The new interpretation of the classic brown sauce consist in using different type of herbs, spices and exotic ingredients, and making unusual combinations out of these. Another way to enhance the taste is using interesting alcohols with intense flavor profiles.

3. In canteens e.g. hospitals or bigger kitchens the classical brown basis sauces are standard and mostly prepared from finished products due to quantity as well as time and cost saving. Unfortunately their taste is often very similar and is not very sophisticated from a culinary point of view. Most of the time is necessary to improve the taste with salt and spices. Chefs working with this type of helping products demand a more natural, authentic and homemade taste. They would like to use products without flavor enhancers, preservatives or additives. They appeal also for bold flavors and more intense color. Finally this type of sauces should serve as a good base to allow creating own variations.

4. New vegetarian, vegan and raw food lifestyles have a strong impact in the new interpretation of the classic brown sauces in Europe.


We would like to thank the following Chefs for their thoroughly support on this project:

Austria: Chef. Wolfgang Gusmik, Chef. Christian Fritz, Chef. Gerhard Baur, Chef. Lorenz Günter, Chef. Sebastian Reischer, Chef. Gio Pog

Germany: Chef. Michael Wegener, Chef. Peter Kestler, Chef. Julian Eicke, Chef. Holger Frohlich, Chef. Hans Durst, Chef. Nicolai Schleifer

Switzerland: Chef. Michael Kuhlmey, Chef. Christoph Probst, Chef. Marie Giraud, Chef. Heribert Dietrich, Chef. Jobin Angelo, Chef. Hans Ulrich Wismer


As always it was a pleasure for us to collaborate with you. With your valuable input we are now able to provide to our customer project with inspiring insights and relevant flavor concepts.

We look forward to collaborating with again you in the future.

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discover beef™ "from the kitchens of the world" - a new beef brand

The launch of our new global beef brand discover beef™ "from the kitchens of the world"  took place in Holzminden on the 18th and 19th November 2014. This brand is the result of an integrated platform of leading technology and market understanding combined with chefmanship and culinary expertise.

The contribution of Chefs United played a pivotal role in the process. Through the input from the participant Chefs in this project, we were able to understand the cultural context and culinary secrets of beef from around the world. Their input has provided key insights for our flavorists to develop an unique and winning beef flavor portfolio.


We want to thank all the participant Chefs for your inspiring contribution and support!


Argentina: Chef. Carlos López

Australia: Chef. Joe Nordin, Chef. Marty Kale

Brazil: Executive Chef. Marcilio Galeano, Chef. Otávio de Brito

China: Chef. Tan Boon Khiang, Chef. Yiuman Leung

Germany: Executive Chef. Thomas Mutard, Chef. Michael Wegener

Korea: Chef. Ki Tae Kim, Chef. Geoffrey Jeon

Mexico: Executive Chef. Yansi Mora, Chef. Eugenio Villafana

Nigeria: Executive Chef. Adekanye Tosin, Chef. Julian Godwin Chukwuka Agunabo

Philippines: Executive Chef. Wilfredo Jr. Jovero, Chef. Jared Vullag

Russia: Executive Chef. Sergey Efimov, Executive Chef. Nadezhda Petrenko

South Africa: Executive Chef. Monalisa Makoni, Chef. Basil Lotter

USA: Executive Chef. Robert Nuey, Executive Chef. Thomas Drake


We are proud to share with you the results and efforts of this amazing project through our discover beef™ video clip.  see video clip»


We look forward in collaborating with you in the future.


Chefs favorite Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, because of its great versatility, is often included in the list of the basic sauces prepared in the professional kitchen, used for a variety of food preparations and preferred by a considerable amount of people. The taste plays a very important role, and not only depends on the preparation method, but on individual local preferences, culinary habits and ingredients. In order to support an exclusive customer project and gain some more culinary insights about mayonnaise, its preparation and ingredients, we asked our expert Chefs from Chefs United. We would like to thank the following Chefs for their efforts and valuable input on this project:  


For UK: Chef. Malcolm Hope, Chef. Kate Hart, Chef. Greg Cattell and Chef. Martin Lee

For Spain: Chef. Miguel Maffi La Franceschina, Chef. Miguel Samuel Lorenzo Domínguez, Chef. Jose Luis Langarica and Chef. Julia Moreno Herranz

For France: Chef.  Salles Sonia, Chef. Philippe Gentil and Chef. Ripert Christian

For Italy: Chef. Danilo D'Ambra, Chef. Ramon Sabella, Chef. Fabrizio Mantini, Chef. Antonio Lacovelli and Chef. Carlo Scanferla


As always it was a pleasure for us to collaborate with you. With your culinary input we are now able to provide to our exclusive customer project with inspiring local insights. We kindly ask for your understanding in not going into the details of the project. This is in order not to violate the non-disclosure agreement with our customer, but please be sure that your input was vital to the success of the project and we would like to thank you for that.  

We look forward to collaborating with again you in the future.


Update: Discovering the amaizing world of beef!

 Beef Lunch at Symrise Headquaters


From 22nd to 24th of July, we had a technical beef workshop in Holzminden, to develop the new  beef flavor portfolio. In the interest on underline the globality of the new coming brand and to inspire the participating flavorists, we conducted a beef lunch. We selected four typical beef dishes via Chefs United to cover the continents:  Brazil, USA, South Africa and China. The dishes were prepared by our international Symrise´s Chef Harry Weber and everybody was impressed from the input of the Chefs and from the different dishes. "The diverse recipes from Chefs United coming from many corners of the world were a great and helpful inspiration for me" says Robert van Houdt, Senior Flavorist & Technical Director in Symrise China. The participants really loved the different tastes of beef in each region and the culinary experience. After a four-day workshop, the feedback was extremely positive: a very successful, inspirational event.   

Thanks a lot to all of the Chefs from Chefs United for your inspiring input and contribution!


The project will be finalized in November. We look forward to sharing soon the complete results of your support on this important project.


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Onion Journey - Latin America


Onion is probably the most versatile and frequently used vegetable in the world. Prepared differently, onions impart their unmistakable flavor to a wide variety of dishes around the world. In Latin America for instance, onion is an essential ingredient and the star of the kitchen, giving dishes their full flavor foundation and distinctive taste.

Symrise explored  The world of Onion to peel away intriguing onion flavor nuances that could be used to create a line of superior onion flavors. Our journey included the expertise of Chefs United in Latin American. The result was a variety of authentic dishes with different onion tastes and preparation methods. Our proximity to the chefs and the direct access to the local region allowed us to fully understand the role and impact played by the onion in their recipes. Their input gave our flavorists a source of inspiration to optimize the flavor profile of our current onion range with new, unique and distinctive notes giving perfect taste to our culinary applications.

The following chefs inspired us with their input:


Chef. Dora Manelli

Chef. Marcello Delbocca


Chef. Regina Pellegrino

Chef. Souza Ferreira


Chef. Rodrigo Duránd Cerda

Chef. Gaston Edchard


Chef. Cristhian C. Nauffal Salas

Chef. Juan Manuel


Chef. Fernando Arredondo

Chef. Oscar Aguilar


Chef. Carlos E. Yalta Torres

Chef. Hugo Jiménez Rojas


Chef. Fabrizio

Chef. Nahir Cord


Thanks a lot to the participating chefs! We appreciate very much the great recipes and their enthusiasm on this project! more »


Viva la Street Food! - Eating Asian

The Street food culture has become very popular all over the world, especially for young people who are looking for less formal, affordable and more social eating. Consumers love the convenience and affordable quality of the street food and its innumerable variety.

Symrise has been keeping a close eye on this emerging trend and conducted a proactive request in South East Asia, as Asian Street food remains a trendsetter. Chefs United gave us the insights into what is driving the trends in Asian cooking and developed street food-inspired flavors and seasonings. The new range focuses on Thai, Philippine, Vietnamese and Malaysian dishes, reflecting the rise in popularity of these cuisines particularly associated with street food.  Through Chefs United we asked the chefs running street food business in these four countries and we were thoroughly supported by the following chefs:


Chef. Simon Chong Kok Leong

Chef. Paul Chia

Chef. Wong Tuck Hong

Chef. Khairul Anwar

Chef. Israel Cornelius Lazaroo

Chef. Francis Arokianathan Dass


Chef. Edwin Edraque

Chef. Mart Quitalig

Chef. Arnel Candelaria

Chef. Rhoella Bie

Chef. Josiah Alexis Sanga

Chef. Ian Sescon


Chef. Praiwan Sriplai

Chef. Barbara Werner

Chef. Somruethai Suksamai

Chef. Rungthiwa  Chummongkhon

Chef. Monthon Komintr

Chef. Somruthai Kaewtathip


Chef. Ha Thi Ngoc Hoan

Chef. Nguyen Thang

Chef. Chauphi Troung

Chef. Truong Lieu

Chef. Xuan Thanh Dung

Chef. Pham Ngoc Tuan Chuong


A big thank you to the participating chefs!.  Your support is highly appreciated and we look forward in collaborating with you in the future. more »



Discovering the amazing world of beef!

We here at Symrise are always working on many interesting projects of which beef is a constant point of importance. If it's about local recipes, culinary insights or the secrets of how to prepare and cook a typical, authentic beef dish, with your support we are able to understand local taste preferences much better than we did in the past. We are grateful for these culinary insights.
We look forward to sharing the complete results of your support as soon as the project is finalised.

A special thanks goes to the chefs who sent us their input so far - thanks for the fantastic support!  more »


The best of hearty Brazilian bar food

From São Paulo to Porto Alegre, Symrise got the inspiration from Brazilian Chefs about the most typical bar food dishes in this country. Thanks to access to the culinary findings and insights from Chefs United, our flavorists were able to understand the local tastes and create flavors with very authentic profiles that sustain the development of our customer´s products. more »


Our new chicken brand

discover chicken® represents Symrise new generation of culinary chicken flavors. 

During the development phase of the new flavors, we were able to make use of the expertise of Chefs United. The result: flavors with authentic flavor profiles and an impressive variety of tastes suitable for delicious. more »

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